Tom Cochrane x Sacori

Have you ever found yourself in a dilemma and wondered, “What would a rockstar do?”

Well, if that dilemma is finding perfect frames, and you’re wondering specifically what Canadian rock music icon Tom Cochrane would do, wonder no more.

Designed in Canada

The Tom Cochrane x Sacori collection is proudly Canadian, much like its designer.

The lenses, hinges and frames showcase exceptional quality, and—as is the case with Cochrane’s music—each pair is composed with the utmost care and a keen eye for detail The glasses feature blue light coating to ease eyestrain. The ready-to-wear shades also come with premium polarized lenses to protect your eyes from damaging UV rays.

Tom Cochrane x Sacori frames use only high-grade, ethically sourced materials, including hypoallergenic stainless steel and superior spring hinges, which make the eyewear steady, durable, and long-lasting. And did we mention they’re eco-friendly and carbon neutral? No? Well, they are!

Tom Cochrane x Sacori Styles

Tom Cochrane x Sacori features a carefully curated selection of fashion-forward frames in 15 bold styles that will awaken your inner artist (or your desire to dress like one). This eyewear—which starts at just $249.99—is designed to inspire.

Frame of Mind

Our Fringe frames feature a dark top half with a clear bottom—making them both bold and understated. They are for the idealists, the renegades and the mavericks who aren’t afraid to write their own rules.

Meanwhile, Good Times is for those who are eager to turn up the volume, and celebrate colour, spirit, and individuality. Picture yourself rocking these geometric frames, which feature a bright orange tint, intended to evoke joy and passion.

For something more subtle, try on the Troubadour glasses, which come in gray and blue tortoise. Don’t be deceived by the ultra-light wire frames—they are tougher than they look. These glasses are made for wanderers seeking to explore new sights with ease and curiosity.

The clear frame of the Ocean Blue glasses contrasts beautifully with their bold rectangular shape. They are intended to instil a sense of clarity, confidence and calm.

Soulful shades

The two sunglass styles in the Tom Cochrane x Sacori collection speak for themselves.

Lyricist sings to your soul, incorporating elements that are evocative of the strings of a guitar. The bronze-wire frames – which come in two gorgeous colourways – are made for those who, like Cochrane, speak up and express themselves—no matter what. They are for those who aren’t afraid of being centre stage.

The Light Show glasses are dark and dazzling, in a style that is both fierce and fresh. These sunglasses are made for performers, who thrive on energy and seek the ecstasy of a crowd. They come in black and tortoise colourways, so you can pick the shade that best suits you.

Sacori’s new collection with Tom Cochrane embodies the boldness and craftsmanship an artist needs to maintain momentum; to continue creating. The entire line is crafted with edge, artistry and soul, and now, you can finally shop it.

Remember, it’s a limited-edition line, which means there’s no time like the present to elevate your eyewear game. Get ready to unleash your inner rockstar.

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*The limited-edition Tom Cochrane x Sacori collection is available online and in clinics.