Eye exams for kids, peace of mind for parents.

Vision problems can be hard to see—the irony’s not lost on us. According to the Canadian Association of Optometrists, nearly 25% of school-aged children experience vision problems—often without their parents realizing it. When you bring your child in for a personalized eye exam, we give you (and them) a clearer picture and a better understanding of what’s going on before their eyes.

Allowing vision problems to go unchecked and uncorrected can lead to problems elsewhere. FYidoctors’ own Dr. Bunny Virk explains it best by saying: “If you’re an amazing basketball player but you have no depth perception, you might think you’re not good at that sport but all you needed were corrective lenses.” By this logic, it’s not hard to see how vision problems can dribble into the classroom and everyday life.

Developing eyes can develop issues

Our optometrists helpchildren of all ages stay engaged and at ease while they evaluate thefollowing:

- Visual acuity
- Convergence
- Eye tracking/ocular movement
- Binocular vision
- Colour vision
- Pupils
- Pressures
- Refraction
- Ocular health

Child eye exam right eye examination
Child undergoing eye exam

Book your child’s eye exam today

Book your child’s eye exam today