Un ophtalmologiste utilisant la technologie oculaire pour effectuer un examen de la vue sur un patient
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Comprehensive Eye Exam

Understanding Our Eye Health Assessment Process

Your eyes can say a lot. They tell the world how you’re feeling in an instant, and they tell your Visique optometrist the best way to keep them healthy.
  • Your eye exam will begin with a series of pre-tests to learn as much as possible.
  • Your optometrist will review the data before completing your comprehensive assessment with you.

A trusted relationship with your eye doctor is the best way to monitor changes over time. It’s our privilege to be your partner in eye health.

Detailed Pre-test

We'll carry out a series of detailed tests to help us get as much information as possible about your eyes before you see our optometrist.

Eye Exam

After your pre-test, a Visique optometrist will look at your vision in detail for a complete ocular health assessment.