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Join us in making positive impacts throughout Canada

Helping other Canadians, no matter their situation, has always been very important to us. In 2019 we evolved our corporate social responsibility strategy to reflect this, building upon our desire to support and fund causes that enhance life across the country. This newly expanded FYidoctors | Visique Enhancing Life Foundation, provides grants to a wide variety of Canadian charitable organizations and community outreach programs that enhance life. Adding to the betterment of society, our mission is to cater to the underserved populations of Canada by providing both financial and social support to a wide array of philanthropic causes and initiatives. Some of the causes that we value are providing assistance to children and youth, advocating for better health and wellness, and promoting education, among many others. These are all causes that our doctors and staff feel passionately about and want to continue to support. We want the Enhancing Life Foundation to be able to provide support to charities that impact Canadians, no matter their age, gender, race or community. We feel it’s an investment in the future of Canada, and we couldn’t be more excited to play our part. Join us in making a positive impact, enhancing lives from coast to coast.

Are you a charitable organization looking for support? We are delighted to partner with benevolent non-profits across Canada that require funds necessary to actualize their own humanitarian visions. Unrestricted to causes revolving around vision health, we welcome diverse recommendations as to how best our fundraising efforts could be allocated throughout the country. Through such partnerships, we are able to serve different sectors that need our attention and support. Please visit your local FYidoctors or Visique clinic to learn how we can help you be a part of the Enhancing Life Foundation, helping you to enhance the lives of people in your community.

Every October is our Enhancing Life month. Through a variety of fundraising activities, we raise funds for the FYidoctors | Visique Enhancing Life Foundation. Our goal in 2022 is $300,000. This ambitious goal was chosen after years of successful fundraising initiatives. As a pillar of the community, we have successfully partnered with charitable organizations that have benefited from our wide reach into welcoming communities and their compassionate residents. Through generous contributions such as these, FYidoctors and Visique have been able to fulfill their dreams of enhancing lives beyond our clinics’ doors.

You can make a difference by easily donating to The Enhancing Life Foundation online or by phone! Complete the steps above, and instantly receive an electronic charitable tax receipt for donations of $25.00 and greater.

We would like to thank all of the incredibly generous donors who have supported our Enhancing Life Foundation and we look forward to your continued support in the years ahead.