Quelles gouttes utiliser en fonction de vos symptômes ?
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Your Symptoms: Which Eye Drops to Use?

With such a large variety of eye drop types on the market, it’s hard to know what the best option is to make sure your eyes stay properly lubricated and healthy, and that conditions are appropriately treated.

Keep in mind that different types of drops treat different problems, and the wrong one may make your symptoms worse. Your optometrist is the best source for information, diagnosis and treatment plans for specific eye conditions, so make an appointment with your eye doctor if you are experiencing any discomfort or symptoms. To help keep you informed, we’ve compiled this guide to explain some of the more common types of eye drops for various conditions.

Dry eyes

Artificial tears are used to remedy dry eyes. The solution keeps the surface of your eyes moist. Many people use artificial tears when they can’t create natural tears due to a variety of medical reasons, such as post-laser eye surgery, Bell’s Palsy, or any time when the facial nerves have been damaged. Ingredients vary by brand, and some offer preservative-free options.

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