Les exercices pour les yeux peuvent-ils améliorer la vue?
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Can you exercise your eyes to improve your vision?

Just as muscle-strengthening movements and physical activity is beneficial for our bodies, exercising is also important for our eyes. But what exactly do eye exercises entail, and can they actually do anything to correct our vision?

For starters, it’s important to understand what eye exercises are, and how they differ drastically from vision correction. The two fields offer entirely different benefits, and should not be confused with one another.

FYidoctors’ very own Dr. Ben Wild shares his insights on the subject of exercising for the eyes, and explains why refractive issues—such as myopia and hyperopia—are better managed with glasses and contact lenses. In short, there’s a time and place for eye exercises—and when used appropriately, they can work wonders to address various eye-related issues.

What is vision therapy?

“Vision therapy” is an umbrella term, used to describe certain exercises or optometry approaches that improve visual skills or abilities. Eye exercises fit within this realm, and are regularly regarded as “physical therapy” for the eyes.

“There are definite advantages to eye exercises,” explained Dr. Wild. “There has been a lot of measurable success in the field.”

That being said, “some are scientifically based, and then you go further and further towards things that haven’t been fully proven yet,” he cautioned.

Indeed, some widely believed theories contend that eye exercises can actually alter prescriptions, though these speculations have yet to be proven true—and some of these methods are dangerous to execute.

“It’s a really new avenue of research, and so a lot of the forefront thinkings or hypotheses still haven’t been fully validated by science yet,” Dr. Wild said.

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