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Why Backup Eyeglasses Are a Good Idea

Posted on November 16th, 2017

We don’t give a second thought to having a couple of scarves, a few belts, or a variety of purses in our closets to round out our look. So, it gives thought as to why more of us don’t consider eyewear as accessories, too. With 55% of Canadians wearing eyeglasses as their primary means of vision correction, it’s time we start embracing our glasses for what they are – helping us see the world around us and making us look good while doing it!


Here are just a few reasons why you may want to add to your eye collection this fall:


1. You need to define your style

Eyeglasses can change your look. So, use them to your advantage! If you work in a conservative office all day, you’ll find happiness changing into a fun, more eclectic pair before you go out and socialize. Although it’s simpler to purchase a frame that can transition easily between work and play, most often these styles are mild and aren’t as fashion forward. As well, having different frames reduces the familiarity and predictability of your face shape and appearance.


2. Different activities warrant their own frames

Being active and out in the sun call for additional pairs for the health of your vision. Prescription sunglasses are a must to protect eyes from harmful UV rays. But you likely won’t want to wear your beach sunnies while out for a jog or playing left wing on the field. Wrap-around sport frames are most commonly worn by those who participate in active lifestyles. Not to mention, you may opt for a lighter, tighter fitting frame when heading to the gym or spending a day outside. Fashion frames these days are slightly larger, and are less able to stay snugly on your face.

3. Age factors in

As you age, your eyeglass collection may increase out of necessity. Your near and distance vision may need to be supplement with reading glasses as the elasticity if your eye’s lens weakens. Another factor of age is your ability to see as well in low light or night environments, so glasses fitted with special coatings may be required for safety.

4. Always have an alternate plan

Unfortunately, in life, accidents happen. With the delicate nature of glasses, comprised of tiny screws, breakable materials, and their awkward shape, sitting, dropping, or losing them is a high probability. By having a back-up pair, you won’t be scrambling at the last minute to replace them and being visually impaired while doing so.


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