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Makeup and Glasses: The Best of Both Worlds

Posted on July 7th, 2018

Wearing glasses turns makeup into a unique challenge. Everyone wants to accentuate their features, but glasses wearers need to approach this task a little differently.

More is More

The main thing to keep in mind with glasses is that they reduce the visual impact of your eyes. In practice, this means you can go a little heavier with your eye makeup and not worry about looking overdone.

Even for a natural look, you can go a little darker with eyeliner and eyeshadow, as long as you stick with neutral colours like black, brown, or bronze. The heavier makeup will help define your eyes while staying away from bright colours will stop the makeup from competing with your frames.

Beauty in the Details

The glasses will bring focus to the area around your eyes. To keep things looking polished, groom your brows and prep the under eye with a brightening concealer. As for your eyelashes, curl them well and use a waterproof mascara that volumizes rather than lengthens. This way your lashes will look thick and luscious without brushing against your lenses and smearing them.

Get Set

Some glasses-wearing women also find that their frames can slide down or rub makeup off their nose, especially in hot weather or if you have oily skin. Make sure to set any makeup on your nose well with powder. You can also lightly mist the powder with setting spray or even water to provide additional hold, and also help take away the powdery, made-up look. You will also want to make sure your frames are a good size for your face and fitted properly, and can carry oil-blotting sheets as a quick fix.

Brighten Up

Though it’s best to stay neutral on the eyes, that doesn’t mean you can’t use fun colour elsewhere on your face. A bold lip, or even bright blush, makes a great impact. In particular, red lipstick with thicker frames has been a classic look for many decades, from pin-up girls to modern fashionistas.

The Tools for the Job

If you’re farsighted and have a strong prescription, actually applying the makeup might be a challenge as well. Invest in travel-size makeup brushes with short handles to help you get close to the mirror.

With the right tools, methods and techniques, you can combine glasses and makeup for a natural, polished or dramatic look. Beautiful glasses are a great way to look stylish and put-together, and the right makeup only enhances that. If you approach it the right way, glasses can be a signature part of your look.

To find the perfect pair of frames to fit with your makeup style, visit a Visique location near you.

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